Trucks & Trailers

Owning a fleet of our owned Volvo and Mercedes trucks with their trailers for transporting normal cargo and containers.

Telescopic Trailers

Extendible to 22 & 24 meters, these durable trailers can transport long cargo up to 30 tons.

Hydraulic low beds

We own 5 pieces of cometto low loaders, two of them divisible, each is 4 lines, 8 axles and with a payload of 100 Tons, they can be joined in many different forms adapting to width, length and weight of cargo.

Low Beds

Specialized low beds for special cargo, capable of transporting odd cargo up to 4 meters wide & 80 tons.

Heavy equipment haulers

To haul the cometto with heavy cargo, we own 2 main and one supplementary prime movers able of hauling up to 400 tons, 250 tons and 200 tons respectively.

Hydraulic jacks for loading offloading

4 Ennerpack hydraulic jacks, each with a capacity of 100 tons, our experienced professional team uses them to offload heavy cargo from low loader / supports etc., pull and place onto foundation without the need of heavy expensive cranes